Mission Statement

It is our goal to create a platform that provides cultural appreciation, growth, social & economic stability within our community. Our primary purpose is to disseminate Afrocentric content, news, events, and ideas. Additionally, in the spirit of group economics, we are specifically invested in marketing and supporting community businesses and entrepreneurs with intentional focus on strengthening the economic base within the community. Lastly, we aim to provide a reliable networking pool for those who have a stake in economic growth, including professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, consumers, and others who support. We are a research networking hub of black entrepreneurship and businesses for the betterment of building our community.

Our team is a group of knowledgeable individuals who are dedicated to see you succeed.

Leo Brown

President/Founder/Visionary/Humanitarian/Creative Designer/Barber/Fashion Concept Designer/Influencer

Jon Scott

Joined in early 2022 shortly after moving too Lansing. He contributes to BWSOL events and the creative direction of the group. Jon is a brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. and originally from Detroit, Michigan.

Ahsahki Guy

Activist and community organizer from Lansing, MI. Founder of Black Wall Street of Lansing. Leader of We the Free People. The 2nd in command of The Young Black Panther Party. Program director at Advancement Corporation Community Center the 1st Black owned community center. I Am my ancestors wildest, most sacred dream. I’ve dedicated my life to the movement, to my people and the Revolution. And the revolution Don’t Stop!!

Ishmael Muhammad

Founding member of Black Wall Street of Lansing, MI. Coordinator of Muhammad
Study Group-Lansing, MI. Local/Regional organizer for the historic Million Man March (1995). Million
Family March (2005) and the Millions More Movement (2015). I look forward to helping establish and
supporting an economic base in the Black community that fosters unity and the pooling of our resources
to address the issues that negatively affect our community.